Friday, August 22, 2008


Yesterday was one week from the day that my midwives said that I should deliver within a week. So the week went by and no baby. Today is the due date that we were given first. Unless I start contractions sometime in the next few hours, he will probably miss this due date also. Someone needs to tell this kid that he needs to hurry up!

Really though, it is more appropriate that he tell us, "I will come when I will come, and that will be the right time." I said this very thing to my own mom almost 24 years ago. I was supposed to be born on Sept. 23, but waited until Oct. 5.

In all honesty, I acknowledge that this is an awkward time for me. I feel like I am constantly trying to come up with meaningful, important things to do to pass the time. Perhaps it shows my clear deficiency in the virtue of patience.

I think that today I will read the portion of Acts where the disciples are gathered together, waiting for the descent of the Holy Spirit. They did not know the day or hour either. I think that I will read Matthew and Revelation, where Jesus speaks of the ending of the age, the symbolism of the birth pains of the woman ready to give birth at any time. I will try to sit with this period of waiting. I will be still until my own time comes.


TYGonzalez said...


I've enjoyed reading your posts about your pregnancy and can imagine that you're ready to see your little boy. Just know that each day that you are home - where you are able to get enough rest and make sure you and your baby are well-nourished and cared for - you are doing something important and meaningful. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...


I know that it's hard to wait like this, but your body IS getting ready for the big event. I remember someone telling me when I was pregnant that "It's a lot easier to take care of your little one while he's still inside!"
You won't believe how little he is, once he's actually here.
We will continue to pray for you and precious Luke....
Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

Amen to those 2 wise ladies!! How true it is that you are doing a wonderful and very important job right now, just giving life to this very tiny little person. Just giving him his own sweet time to mature and put on his finishing touches, that is a vital job for you! There is nothing in the whole universe that is better for you to do than that for now! God keep the 2 of you in the apple of his eye....