Monday, August 4, 2008

Maternity Leave- Day #1

An exciting day for sure!

I went to Target today to get some last minute items and to get a changing table (the last "big" item that we needed). I love Target and today I was reminded of why. First, I found a great changing table for 40% off that was cherry wood and a style that I like. It was the ONLY changing table on sale. Tomorrow I get to figure out how to put it together. :)

Also, I picked up a top-end high chair (see picture) that was 75% off! $34 down from $140. Again, in my favorite cherry wood. Being at home is already paying off. More time to bargain shop! Of course that could change when our little guy comes around.

I also took a nap, read some, took two walks, made a roast chicken and potato dinner, made zucchini bread for the guys at Nathan's work, worked on some CPA stuff, and planned a little for a party at church. All in all, a pretty full day!

Being pregnant is getting a bit more difficult now. I am finally feeling the weight of baby and get fatigued a lot sooner than even a week ago. Also, I have to split up my dinner, so that I eat half and then do something else for an hour or so before finishing.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Katie-I love the changing table that you found. It will fit perfectly in the room. You are one amazing shopper. Good Job!! mm