Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wiggles Word

Nathan here. Luke learned a new word from The Wiggles today. Can you guess what it is? I'll give you a hint, you say it while drinking ouzo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Know Anyone who Wants These?

On the Mend

Well 3 days, a dozen loads of laundry, lots of Scholastic videos and the Wiggles, Luke is on the mend. Things were looking pretty bad until yesterday afternoon. Luke slept three hours at nap time and woke up asking for "joosie"(which means pretty much anything liquid) and "crakies" (his way of saying crackers, pretzels, etc... It amazes me how much his little body knows what it needs.

He was able to keep down some ma milk, crackers, and a cup of water, and perked up quite a lot. Last night he slept well too, though he was very araid to go to sleep, so both Nathan and I stayed with him until he fell asleep. Poor little boy- he was afraid to go to bed.

Anyways, he seems better now, thank God.

A cute story: Clara saw us on Tuesday when she and Bethany took us home from the doctors. Clara wanted so badly to play with Luke that she almost started crying as we got out of the car. Bethany told her to be brave because Luke was already sad enough being sick. She did a good job of not crying. Bethany phoned later and said that Clara was very upset that Luke was too sick to play and had to pray to Jesus about Luke's sickness on the way home. How sweet of her.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poor baby

Luke is sick- this time with a really bad stomach flu. He has had something for a few days and has not wanted to eat much. This morning he woke up at 4 and was really sick. We took him to the doctor, but there was not much that he could do for now.

Please pray that he gets well soon and that he is able to keep some of his food. He actually hasn't touched anything except a cracker and a little juice all day. I have been able to nurse him a little still too. I am grateful that he is not fully weaned yet and that I can offer him some comfort.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Pictures and Red Hot Deals

Since it has been awhile, I have a lot of pictures to help everyone catch up. First, we had a lovely Pascha. Here is my first attempt at a Pascha basket:There is the traditional sweet bread, cheese, butter and red (ish) eggs. I threw in some yummy chocolates just for fun.

We just spent the past two weeks with Grammy and Papa Jones; this week, we are lucky to have my dad with us. Luke is LOVING all the attention and I am beginning to fret what he will be like when the parade of grandmas and grandpas comes to an end Tuesday.

Houston has never been more beautiful and we have certainly enjoyed our share of the outdoors. Luke frequently begs to go "ou'side!" When the weather heats up and the mosquitos become too thick, I am going to have to get creative to help him get that precious outside time.

My favorite outing, which we have made twice in two weeks, has been a trip to Hermann Park. It is a great big park (acres and acres) in the center of town. (Oh LA, you wish your downtown had a nice, friendly park like this one. You are mostly stinky and congested.)

Here is Grammy with the kiddos- they loved to stick together:

Hermann park is the perfect place for Luke because it has all of his favorite things- water features (he still shouts "Juice!" at any sight of a liquid substance), birds ("tweeeet, tweeets), turtles, koi fish, boats, planes flying overhead, and best of all....... a train that runs around the whole park. Luke got red in the face several times as he used all of his breath to shout, "Chooooo chooooo!" every time the train went by. We also rode the glorious "Chooooo chooooo!" and very much enjoyed the ride.

Grammy and Papa with Luke watching the train:

The park also has some Japanese Gardens. Here are Clara and Luke in the flowers:
Wendesday of last week, we had a baby shower for Bethany and new baby Getz. With help from Nathan's mom and a friend, here is the table that we created:
These past few days have been filled with lots of deal seeking and finding. Now I am trying to sort through it all. My best deal was a heap full of designer clothes (some new with the tags on!) for $15. Seriously, I just got a new wardrobe filled with Banana Republic, Gap, etc..., clothes for family and friends, and plenty of items to fuel my eBay sales for the next few months.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Preparations for Pascha

We have been very busy as of late, but wanted to update the blog with some of the events from the past week.

Last Sunday, Grammy and Papa came to town. We have had a wonderful time seeing them and get to enjoy there company for one more week!

On Tuesday, I got go to go church ALL BY MYSELF. I love taking Luke, but once in a while it is nice not to have my Mr. Wiggly, Mr. Talkative toddler sitting/standing next to me. The Orthodox Services for Sunday- Tuesday night of Holy Week are called the Bridegroom Matins. The theme of these services is watchfulness- we are reminded that the "Bridegroom (Christ) comes in the middle of the night," and our lamps should be lit. These have long been some of my most favorite services to attend.

Wednesday, we dyed eggs with Grammy, Aunt Bethany, Clara and the Hemati's. Luke loved coloring the eggs with a white crayon and watching the eggs go in and out of the dye.We made some for our egg hunt on Sunday afternoon and some for our Pascha basket. Here we all are:
Our red Pascha egg:
All of our dyed eggs. Notice Luke's artwork on the blue egg in the middle? He can even say blue, green and purple (bu, green, and pupple) now.The pascha (easter) basket traditionally includes red eggs, cheese, a sweet bread, and several other items and is taken to church and blessed at the Easter service.

Yesterday and today, Luke and I went to more services. We also made kulich-a traditional Easter bread. Kulich is a traditional Easter bread that will also go in our pascha basket. Luke received a little table and chair set from his godparents and has already logged many hours sitting at it. Here he is with Daddy, playing with some plastic eggs that we will also use for our Sunday hunt. I am not sure yet if I will put any candy in them- he seems to like them enough as they are. Also, he and grammy have been pretending that they are cups and have been drinking juice out of them. :)

The egg tea party:
Video at the little table with Daddy: