Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the Mend

Well 3 days, a dozen loads of laundry, lots of Scholastic videos and the Wiggles, Luke is on the mend. Things were looking pretty bad until yesterday afternoon. Luke slept three hours at nap time and woke up asking for "joosie"(which means pretty much anything liquid) and "crakies" (his way of saying crackers, pretzels, etc... It amazes me how much his little body knows what it needs.

He was able to keep down some ma milk, crackers, and a cup of water, and perked up quite a lot. Last night he slept well too, though he was very araid to go to sleep, so both Nathan and I stayed with him until he fell asleep. Poor little boy- he was afraid to go to bed.

Anyways, he seems better now, thank God.

A cute story: Clara saw us on Tuesday when she and Bethany took us home from the doctors. Clara wanted so badly to play with Luke that she almost started crying as we got out of the car. Bethany told her to be brave because Luke was already sad enough being sick. She did a good job of not crying. Bethany phoned later and said that Clara was very upset that Luke was too sick to play and had to pray to Jesus about Luke's sickness on the way home. How sweet of her.

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