Friday, May 28, 2010

As Heard in the Jones House This Morning...

Mama: "Come on, Luke."

Luke: "Is a bu-g! Is a buuu-g!"

Mama: "It's a diaper. Come on."

Luke has become an avid bug hunter having visited Grammy's home in California where they're having a big earwig season. But he sometimes sees pieces of trash as bugs or patterns on things as bugs. Of course, around here we always check because it can also be a big ol' cockroach buu-g.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Hat Photo Shoot and New Cousin!

Here is Luke in his red hat. We were getting ready to go to a splash park. It is HOT here now, so we are outside in the water a lot. I think he looks like he could go on safari.

In other news, Luke has a new cousin. Clara is staying at our house tonight- hope she has a peaceful night! She was SOOO excited!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Off We Go!

Luke and I fly out to CA today. We are going for my cousin's wedding in the San Diego area, but are also going to get a chance to see some old friends. A part of me is a little afraid to go back since it will remind me of everything and everyone we have been missing these last 9 months in Texas. The other part of me is very excited!

Please pray for us as we fly- the weather is not good here today (Thunderstorms) and our flight has already been delayed.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Late Spring in Houston

Well, the Houston weather is beginning to feel like summer to me, but I am trying to keep thinking of it as "late spring," so that I am not shocked when the humidity and temperature goes up. So far, we have had a lovely Spring. We have been outside nearly every day. The mosquitoes are beginning to put a damper on going out into the backyard, but there are still ways to get outdoors. One is to go to Bethany and Evan's house. They don't seem to have as many mosquitoes, and of course there is the added bonus of having cousin Clara to play with. :)

With the warmer weather, has come a change in wardrobe for us all. Here is Luke in the "overalls without shirt" look:
Aren't babies cute in summer?

Houston has really adapted to the heat. Today, Luke and I went to Hermann Park again. This time, he walked all the way from the car, down past the water feature, around the pond and to the playground. (Yes, lots of water here! Best place to be when its hot)

Since it was nearly ninety degrees this morning, we had an impromptu romp in the splash park area and Luke loved it. He splashed all over, giggled, and chased the birds away. Here is a video to show you what the splash park is like. There are several free parks like this throughout the city.