Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Luke loves his bunny hat. We made it at library hour a few weeks ago, and now it is nearly impossible to remove it from his head. :) He also really likes it if I sing Little Bunny Foo Foo so that he can hop around and pretend to be a bunny.

Here is a picture and a video:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Days and Only ONE Accident! and other news

First, I must admit that I am pretty proud of my little man. Today is the seventh day of wearing big boy underwear! In all this time, he has only once had an accident. That means that I haven't had to change a diaper in a long time. :)

In other news, baby #2 continues to be nice and active. We are still at a loss for names, though we still have time. I like a few names, but am not in love with anything yet.

Today, I registered at Baby's R Us, mostly because they have a promotion where they give you a gift card just for registering. I kept thinking how GLAD I was that we don't have to buy everything all over again! And I am thankful that I have a few great consignment shops here in Houston. I kind of think that having a baby has become much like getting married- it keeps overpriced stores/vendors in business.

Luke turns two-and-a-half today. Today was also probably one of the most difficult days I have experienced as a mom. Between tantrums, hitting, kicking, and generally being exhausted from disciplining said behaviors, I am totally spent. I also have the constant nagging question about if I could have handled things better. Probably.

But, at the end of the day, good, bad, or otherwise, I am very glad to have Luke. When he is sweet, I am blessed to share those moments with him and look upon his shining little face with joy. When he is silly, he teaches me to keep a light heart. When he is a terror, I am blessed because he teaches me to be better. He teaches me to have patience and show mercy.

Here his is with his bug hat :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Changes, Changes

We have some exciting news! No, its not another baby related announcement. Today's post is all about LUKE!

Big news #1: Last weekend Luke began sleeping in a toddler bed. Yes, this is a bed that he can get out of if he so chooses (scary!). He was a little sad at first and missed his crib, but once he found out how nice it was to get in and out all by himself, he enjoyed it more. He has been great at staying in the bed so far and as a bonus, the transition has motivated him to try to do lots of new things for himself.

Big news #2: We have officially begun potty training in earnest! Luke has been trained on #2 for about two weeks now, and now we are working on #1. Yesterday he kept his new undies dry all day long, even including two trips out. (By the way, any tips on how to help a child use the potty in a store restroom? Costco's seats are very big!)

We have used 2 jelly belly's and big boy underwear as a reward. I was fortunate to find some really great undies on clearance at Gymboree around Christmastime that have cars, Jeeps, planes, and all other sorts of things that go on them.

These two things (new bed and potty training) are what I was most determined to get done before baby #2. I think with continued vigilance, the potty training will be done soon. Luke is really taking to it.

Well, a little update on baby #2- she is still kicking away and is definitely showing now. I am now unable to wear most regular clothes and officially pulled out the maternity gear. I'll post a progress picture next week (5 months!).

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Luke likes me to tell him where we got different things in our house. He always points out that his Richard Scarry books are from Clara and Grammy, that his blue chair used to be Auntie and Uncle's, etc... This makes the things that we have more special to him. I think it is great!

Today we were sitting at breakfast and Luke wanted to know who gave him the washcloth that he was using to wipe his hands. I told him that his Aunt Susie had crocheted it for him. To this he replied, "Oh. She came in and said, 'Hi guys!' and gave me the washcloth." Well, something like that Luke. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

Its a girl! We are delighted.

Gina (who is staying upstairs at our house), bought me beautiful pink roses. I dropped off some of our extra toys/clothes at the local consignment shop and actually picked up a few little things for the new little one.

I will post pictures of the sonogram later (when my headache goes away).