Friday, February 18, 2011

Changes, Changes

We have some exciting news! No, its not another baby related announcement. Today's post is all about LUKE!

Big news #1: Last weekend Luke began sleeping in a toddler bed. Yes, this is a bed that he can get out of if he so chooses (scary!). He was a little sad at first and missed his crib, but once he found out how nice it was to get in and out all by himself, he enjoyed it more. He has been great at staying in the bed so far and as a bonus, the transition has motivated him to try to do lots of new things for himself.

Big news #2: We have officially begun potty training in earnest! Luke has been trained on #2 for about two weeks now, and now we are working on #1. Yesterday he kept his new undies dry all day long, even including two trips out. (By the way, any tips on how to help a child use the potty in a store restroom? Costco's seats are very big!)

We have used 2 jelly belly's and big boy underwear as a reward. I was fortunate to find some really great undies on clearance at Gymboree around Christmastime that have cars, Jeeps, planes, and all other sorts of things that go on them.

These two things (new bed and potty training) are what I was most determined to get done before baby #2. I think with continued vigilance, the potty training will be done soon. Luke is really taking to it.

Well, a little update on baby #2- she is still kicking away and is definitely showing now. I am now unable to wear most regular clothes and officially pulled out the maternity gear. I'll post a progress picture next week (5 months!).


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

When we're out and a little boy needs to use a big potty, I help them kneel on the seat. Like standing to pee, but it works even when they're too short. :)

Ma Torg said...

I must say I am VERY impressed by the potty training. Edmund was such a pain to potty train until after he turned 3, then suddenly, he was like "Okay, I'll do this NOW."

Glad you'll get to enjoy some diaper free time!

Hope said...

You're having a girl next???? I haven't checked your blog in awhile, and you probably announced it before. That is so exciting!!!
Good luck potty training!