Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Days and Only ONE Accident! and other news

First, I must admit that I am pretty proud of my little man. Today is the seventh day of wearing big boy underwear! In all this time, he has only once had an accident. That means that I haven't had to change a diaper in a long time. :)

In other news, baby #2 continues to be nice and active. We are still at a loss for names, though we still have time. I like a few names, but am not in love with anything yet.

Today, I registered at Baby's R Us, mostly because they have a promotion where they give you a gift card just for registering. I kept thinking how GLAD I was that we don't have to buy everything all over again! And I am thankful that I have a few great consignment shops here in Houston. I kind of think that having a baby has become much like getting married- it keeps overpriced stores/vendors in business.

Luke turns two-and-a-half today. Today was also probably one of the most difficult days I have experienced as a mom. Between tantrums, hitting, kicking, and generally being exhausted from disciplining said behaviors, I am totally spent. I also have the constant nagging question about if I could have handled things better. Probably.

But, at the end of the day, good, bad, or otherwise, I am very glad to have Luke. When he is sweet, I am blessed to share those moments with him and look upon his shining little face with joy. When he is silly, he teaches me to keep a light heart. When he is a terror, I am blessed because he teaches me to be better. He teaches me to have patience and show mercy.

Here his is with his bug hat :)


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Katie, have you ever watched "Supernanny" on hulu? I've found some of her techniques to be very effective, and it is kind of fun to get to see how it works in another family before trying it yourself. :) I'm doing timeouts with her suggestions now, and it is actually going really, really well. I think what really helps is having a mental "script" in MY head, so that I don't get frustrated.

Anyway, all that to say that I hear you on the difficult days! And even so, you're right, you wouldn't trade them for anything. :)

La Mailleraye said...

I just checked out "Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood" on CD from the library. LOTS of good techniques, focusing on helping you children think through their actions to become responsible people. We downloaded the mp3s of "Loving our kids on Purpose" by Danny Silk from (also which is wonderful and God's-love-based, but less specific ideas for little kids (I need lots of examples!)

I definitely recommend them both and wish I had gotten them before Moriah was born!

And congrats to Luke! What an accomplishment!!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe Luke is 2 and 1/2!! These days are going fast.... You make me remember how I used to feel guilty and inadequate as a mom on certain days. Oh yeah.... But then I would remind myself that my children are made just the way each is by God and for His plan for each of their lives (and also for my sanctification! Although, how is it I still have so far to go?? I used to think I sure could be a better Christian if I did not have my kids making me lose my temper..silly thought indeed!)
You are doing a great job of mothering with little Luke. I am so glad that he has you for a mommy.
And the first week with only one accident is --remarkable! mm

Bethany said...

Way to go, big boy Luke!

I've seen Luke in action, and I've seen you in action. Katie, you're doing a great job. He IS a passionate two and half year old, though, and I'm sure you're parenting techniques and approaches will evolve to meet his needs. I have that 'Love and Logic' book if you want to borrow it.

Or, I can always borrow Luke for a while. That might be the most helpful thing of all! :)