Saturday, August 30, 2008

At the End of Week 1

At the end of week one, here are some things that we have learned about Luke:

1. He is good at sucking. He nurses efficiently and has learned to suck a pacifier on occasion.
2. He is good at sleeping. So far we have had very easy nights for as little as he is. He tanks up in the hours before bedtime and then has given us one 4 hour stretch each night.
3. His crankiest time is about 9:30-11pm.
4. Gas and burps are usually what make him upset.
5. He is very alert when he is awake, and has even tracked Mommy and Grammy with his eyes as they talked to him.
6. He is patient- waiting for Mommy to get ready to feed him and patient as his diaper gets changed.
7. He loves his Tiny Love Mobile (thank you Aunt Bethany Jean). We like it too- it plays classical lullabies.
8. He has Mommy's sensitive skin.

There is much, much more too.

Last night we listened to Nathan's compilation of lullabies with Luke and sang them to him. He sang along too, cooing on and off with the music. He especially liked Allison Kraus's "Down in the River to Pray." I think that Papa will be happy if he is a bluegrass boy. It was very nice family time.

Here is a family picture and a movie showing our little "sucker" in action.

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