Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taking After Mommy

Well, I think that my son takes after his mom. He decided to wake me up a little after two to let me know that he wants out. This may be premature and end up as false labor, but so far contractions have been 6-8 minutes apart for the past hour and a half. I tried to sleep, eat, drink something, and walk around to see if they would go away (recommended in the Bradley birth method), but they have kept on coming so far.

Please pray for little Luke, that he makes a safe entrance into this world. Please also pray for me and for the birth team (Nathan, Kelly and Kathy) that our strength would hold up.


Bethany said...

Well, Katie, I hope that this is real labor. (I'll be in prayer for you today.) But it can take such a long time! I look forward to hearing how things develop!

Anonymous said...

We will all be praying for you, Katie!

Aunt Cari

Ashleigh said...

We are praying for you and your team. Yay!

Bethany said...

Katie, since my mom called this morning and said "this is the real deal!" I've been SO excited. Clara and I were praying this afternoon and talking about how the baby will come out of your tummy today and she said, "Baby Luke have some ma milk . . . from Aunt Katie?" Indeed! You'll soon have a baby in your arms! I will continue to pray for you and your progress (and harrass my parents with phone calls).