Monday, August 18, 2008

Lovely Morning at Starbucks

Since there is no baby in my arms this morning, I decided to go about my normal routine.

I woke up, got Nathan's coffee, lunch and breakfast together. Then I said prayers, ate a little and took a walk. This morning was especially nice in Huntington Beach- only 70 degrees and overcast. I grew up with much hotter summers than that! After the walk, I headed to Starbucks to study for the CPA. I am almost through the 4th of 5 chapters for the Business portion of the exam.

The Starbucks by our house is especially nice. There is a great seating area outside and comfy oversized furniture inside. While I was in line, a very sweet old bent-over man with a cane walked up to me and said, "Good luck, Honey. New babies are the closest this to seeing God. They are fresh from his hand." I smiled and said thank you. I felt a little like crying. Thank you Lord for these little encouragements. I will try to think about that during labor.

Today it was pretty crowded so I had to sit down next to someone on the large couch, but I still had room for my computer and my textbook. The man sitting on the other side of the couch looked over and asked if I was expecting. I told him yes, and probably this week. He beamed and told me how wonderful life is with children- he had three of his own. I saw their pictures- Roman, Sophia, and Dominic (can you guess- yep a Catholic family). So precious. It is a beautiful thing to see a happy, loving family. He counseled me to stay home or only work part time if necessary. His family gave up cable TV and other little luxuries to make it possible.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Katie, I see God was directing your path in a very special way today. It is true that newborns are so very fresh from God's own hand; I think the little old man was right-it is the closest we get in this life to looking on the face of God when we look into the eyes of a little one so new and tiny. Sorta reminds me of when Jesus said that the angels of these little ones constantly behold the face of God. I am so thankful that God was encouraging you today.... mm