Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life with Luke- Day 1

Luke has been the best little newborn. He nurses efficiently (my milk is already coming in!) and has been generally content He is also very strong, lifting up his head and looking around at only 5 hours old. He has been very patient with his newbie parents as they figure out what to do. He had a 4 hour stretch of sleep last night (after a few big feedings) and loves to sit in his bouncy chair (though no bouncing yet). We are spoiled.


Suzanne Sanchez said...

Congratulations Nathan & Katie! He's a cute little boy!

Bethany said...

Okay, I know that I am leaving way too many comments on your blog, but I just had to say that I think Luke might have Nathan's nose and mouth. He's a cutie! (Intentionally vague pronoun reference there.)