Thursday, August 7, 2008

In the Safe Zone and Healthy

I had a great appointment yesterday at the midwifery, and not little Luke is in the "safe zone" for birth. The midwife felt him and guessed that he will weigh 7-8lbs, and affirmed again that his head is not very large. She also said that the baby was occiput anterior (i.e. he is facing my tailbone). This is very good because if he was facing forward and I couldn't get him to turn, it would make labor more difficult.

I lost some weight since my last visit, which worried me a little. The midwife checked the baby's fluid levels though and noted that his movement was great, so she was not worried. She said that it is normal to not gain anymore weight at this point, and not uncommon to lose some. Carrying around all of the weight and not being able to eat as much with each meal usually causes this.

She concluded with saying that Luke looks very healthy, and also said that he will probably not be born very soon. This is good because next week Nathan will be gone Wed-Fri to Ohio for his important business trip. We were both worried about this, but the midwife said that it would be very unlikely that I will go into labor that early. Nathan's mom will come and stay with me just in case.

The fact that I will be going into labor is starting to become more real to me. Luke's kicks are strong and my whole stomach moves now as he moves. Also, the Braxton-Hicks contractions are getting stronger. I am trying not to think about what is coming, but just work on my birthing exercises.

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