Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not long now... :)

I had my weekly appointment with the midwives today. Nathan's mom came with me to check the place out and see what the midwives do. It really is neat to watch. They get the baby's position check the heartbeat, and many other fun things.

Today the midwife asked if I would like to be checked to see if there were any signs of upcoming labor. I thought that this would be good so that I could know a little more about what to expect. The midwife examined me quickly and got a big smile on her face.

With glee, she gave me the stats: 80% effaced, 1cm dilated, and the station was -1. According to the Bishop scale (see article, though it is not very helpful), I scored an eight. Anything over 6 usually indicates that labor will begin within the week. Being already one centimeter dilated will help in the trek ahead to 10. A station of -1 is also very good because that means that the beby has definitely dropped and is getting ready. You can walk around for weeks being a little dilated and effaced, but all the signs together point to labor coming soon. So the bottom line for me was- GET READY!

I was absolutely shocked. This whole pregnancy, I was fretting about being late, and now it is likely that I will go early. Nathan is still out of town, so I canceled my evening walk and will take it easy until he comes home tomorrow. I'll keep the blog updated.

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