Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taking Walks and Time With Mom

This week my mom has been visiting us (thank you Mom!!!) and we have been taking lots of walks. She has been encouraging me to get out at least once a day. I think walking combined with a better plan for the night has been really helping with my postpartum blues. They still hang around and make me anxious and feel overwhelmed, but it is lessening. Luke loves the more structured carrier. I had wanted him to like my Moby wrap (which is much stretchier and holds him much closer to me), but we are going with whatever works. :)

It has been nice to have my mom here. Mostly I have enjoyed just spending time with her. It has really been the most time that we have spent together since I was home on breaks during college. Today we went to see some model homes down the street from me and we watched Ever After, a chick flick that we used to watch together when I was still living at home. So comforting. :) Also, she is a good cook and has helped me to eat more. I never needed help with that before, but I keep being amazed with how much extra I need to keep up with feeding Luke. We have had chinese chicken and vegetables and yummy rice pudding with peaches in the morning.

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Jen said...

About co-sleeping:
Claire was a very noisy sleeper as a newborn. We had her in a bassinet by my bedside for one night before I moved her into her own room. A couple months later we tried her out in the co-sleeper in our room and it worked out fine for awhile. It was also nice to have the co-sleeper for travel.
Something that just occurred to me that I want to try when Emily comes home is earplugs. That way I might not hear the more subtle asleep noises, just the louder "I'm awake and hungry" noises.
best of luck. I'm glad you are sleeping better. I am enjoying eating more for the milk production :)

-Jen Marie