Monday, September 22, 2008

4 weeks

Luke turned 4 weeks old yesterday and celebrated the day with a 5 hour stretch of sleep. Amazing! Mommy is still working through her nighttime anxiety, but managed a total of six hours of sleep. Hurray!

Luke is doing so well. This week brought a lot of firsts.

1. Luke now talks to mommy and daddy on occasion, and his little voice is so sweet.
2. First trip away from home. We took him down to Grammy and Papa's this weekend. He enjoyed himself and had fun meeting Aunt Bethany Jean, Uncle Ben, and Paul.
3. We had tummy time and Luke showed off his ability to hold up his head.

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Elisabeth said...

Dear Katie,

You will probably laugh at this advise, but if I am tired and my mind wants to wander to lots of things, by eating something light (a graham cracker with some milk) I find the blood goes to my stomach instead of my head and I fall asleep pretty quickly. Saying the Jesus prayer while waiting helps too. My grandmother taught me this, and I think the milk is especially helpful for some reason :). I wish I could stop by and say hello. Missing you, Elisabeth