Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Please pray for Nathan and I as we are beginning to experience a lot of fatigue. Today is Nathan's first day back at work without anyone to help me at home. Last week we had relatives here. (Thank you!)

For me, the fatigue is probably more emotional than physical. I have had a hard time settling Luke down, He has been crying a lot and I can't figure out why sometimes. I wish that there I am sure that this is standard for newborns and for new parents, but please pray for us as we find our way. The hardest time is right around dinner as we face the long night ahead. I am sure that part of it is me adjusting to all of the postpartum hormones. Hormones! I had an easy time with them during pregnancy, but now now.

Nathan's mom suggested that his crankiness is probably due to a very busy past weekend, and that he became over-tired. Looking back, I can see how that is the case. What I am used to being able to handle and what he can handle are two different things. So, we will try to keep our little semi-routine and be more mindful of how little he is. :)


Jen said...

We'll pray!

Are the "five S's" from Happiest Baby helping any with settling him? I know they were immensely helpful to us when Katherine was newborn.

Are you able to nap when he naps?

Maybe little Luke is fussy because he's sad and misses his Daddy and extended family. Who wouldn't want to keep all that love around? :o)

Anonymous said...

The first 2 weeks are the hardest. And his little intestinal system is getting used to working! Most babies have a cranky time, usually around dinnertime. Meanwhile, we'll pray for all of you.
Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

It is 8:40 and we are praying for the three of you, for renewed strength for you and Nathan and for calm spirit for little Luke. Yes I do think we all had to work through these issues as new moms and dads. God please give special grace to these dear ones we love so much.

Bethany said...

We have been praying for you all. I remember how hard the newborn days were. We will pray that God gives you strength.

Just a thought: Clara was very sensitive to my diet--I'm sure you are avoiding certain things, but you might rule out things that seem to bother Luke in particular. For example, Clara did not respond well when I ate chocolate or caffeine in any form (even tiny amounts), and when I cut those out completely, her colic subsided remarkably. When she was about a month old, we began giving her mylicon and that helped her SO much. I don't know what you think of mylicon, but I know there are other products out there to help with gas.

But then again, he's just so new! And Aunt Susie is right--his little system is getting working for the first time. I used to tell Clara, "life on the outside is hard!"

We will pray for your whole family as you go through the wonderful yet thoroughly exhausting newborn days.

Katie Jones said...

Thanks everyone for the ideas and prayers. I am trying to take more naps (though he eats pretty frequently during the day) and just do less so that he can keep up a routine.

I think that a lot of his problem is due to burps not getting out. He eats so fast and furious (rarely taking longer than 20 minutes total) that he gulps a lot of air. :)