Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Expressive Wee One

As much as we wanted to use the co-sleeper, it just will not work for us. If we had a quiet baby who could sleep peacefully, the co-sleeper would be great. But that is not what we have. We have a baby who grunts, coos, squeaks and fidgets all night long (and all of this while sleeping). With the constant stream of noise, Nathan and I cannot sleep at all. So, its off to the big boy crib. He really doesn't mind the crib either and we sleep ten times better.

It makes me wonder if he is this loud now, how will he be when he is older??


Elisabeth Souldatou said...

Dearest Katie,

Adjusting to life as a mother is no little change to one's life. You are in our prayers as your heart adjusts to this new life.

Also, can you send me your new mailing address?

And simply for my knowledge sake, if the crib is in your room can you get sleep, or does it need stay in another room for the noise to be further away?

warmly, Elisabeth

Bethany said...

The good news is . . . he probably will quiet down as he gets older. I remember how loud Clara was when she was first born--she snored, coughed, wheezed. When she wasn't quite so new anymore, she became a much quieter sleeper. You'll probably continue to change/update your sleeping arrangements as he goes through different stages--remember, whatever gets everyone the most sleep is always best!

Anonymous said...

Katie, I am so glad that you are finding ways to live with little Luke! Every baby is different and you know him better than anyone else. Best is however you all can sleep well! I am thrilled that you are getting more rest.

Katie Jones said...

Elisabeth- The crib needs to be in his bedroom. It is right next to our room, but somehow the slight separation allows me to sleep. Nathan can sleep no matter where he is. :)