Monday, September 15, 2008

Relaxation help?

Any ideas on how to help with anxiety that don't involve drugs? I am having trouble calming down and especially taking naps. I spend a lot of Luke's nap time trying to relax, but not actually doing it, or getting any sleep. Just lloking for some advice from the experienced mothers. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

There is a magnesium supplement called "Mama Calm" that is specifically designed for expectant and nursing mothers. It is magnesium and calcium (you are probably lacking ideal amounts of both right now) that is in powder form. You add hot water and drink it like tea. I wish I had known about it years ago! You can find it here:

or do a google search to find other sites that sell it, also.

It helps to calm you down and let you rest. It is good to take before bed or a nap or even when you are feeling particularly stressed or overwhelmed. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Email me if you have any questions, OK? I know how you feel right now and hope I can help.

Praying for you,
Aunt Cari

Anonymous said...

How about the relaxation exercises you learned at childbirth classes? I also read that Omega 3 fats help. (you can get in capsules or naturally in fish or flax-I have some flax and could bring you some)Do you have a good book you could read at those times? Or maybe a boring one that would put you to sleep?

I am praying for you too dear Katie. I too know how you feel....

Ma Torg said...

Hi Katie,

I second the Mama Calm (magnesium is great. I use it for PMS). You can also just buy it in pill form too. I use Rainbow Light's Calcium and Magnesium vitamins. It'll help when you get into a regular exercise routine again. You might try getting a Mom and Baby exercise video. Do that before Luke's nap. Also,skin to skin cuddling with baby is very soothing. Cut out caffeine if you have'nt already. Also, try seeing people. If you are up for it, you might want to try meeting a friend once a week.

Prayer is wonderful too. I had a really bad postpartum anxiety attack once and took my favorite icon to bed and snuggled it. Never slept to deep in my life.
If you can't fall asleep, start talking to God about all that is on your mind and then focus on some simple meditations once you've emptied your heart (scriptures, the Jesus Prayer, etc.)

Remember, it will pass. You are home alone for the first time. You are adjusting to new routines and you have new hormones running through your body. Your whole self is adjusting to a new life, essentially. You are a mother now and are adjusting to a new kind of multi tasking. It will take time to adjust. Be gracious with yourself.

Jen said...

Wow! You've got tons of great advice already. I'll have to note the supplements for myself.

I stink at relaxing, and I really need to work on learning how to do it. For me, the problem is often learning to turn off my mind and stop being the passively controlled by my spinning thoughts (rather than self-controlled as we are called to be).

[I started to "go off" in my comment and realized that I should go opine on my own blog rather than hogging yours, so I will just summarize briefly here.]

Things I have found helpful for relaxing:
-Scripture recitation,
-Stretching for several minutes before bed every night,
-Learning about and addressing my psychological needs and baggage, and
-Contemplative prayer, especially an Ignatius of Loyola type "examen" and "prayer of recollection"

Burglar said...

Clearly, no one has posted one of the most obvious ways to relax.