Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sleepyheads and Off to the Family Doctor

We have discovered the Luke loves to fall asleep on my shoulder. Here is a picture from this morning. He kept us up from 1-3am so I thought I would try to get creative. I think that this will be helpful for getting more sleep since I can sleep too if I position myself right. Having a cooing newborn on your shoulder is a lovely way to spend the first hour of the morning.

This morning we also went to the Family Doctor for a well-baby checkup. Luke is now 9lbs, 1oz, a gain of 10 ounces in the last week. He also measured 21 inches long. The midwifery measured him at only 18 inches when he was born, but that seemed too little to us. We measured him at home ab out 20 inches last week. He is about in the 75th percentile. He was very healthy and had no more signs of jaundice.

The Doctor was very kind and was also accepting of our plan to vaccinate him on an alternative schedule. The vaccination decision was not easy, being that there are risks on both sides. We like Dr. Sears' Vaccination Book and the alternative vaccination schedule there. It is a very informative book listing all of the vaccinations and what is contained in them, what they treat, how serious the disease is etc... Luke will get most vaccinations on a modified schedule from the APA approach so that we reduce the amount of side effects. It seemed like a good middle-of-the-road approach.

Also, the umbilical cord fell of yesterday. Goodbye last remnant of the womb life.


Anonymous said...

Papa J is glad to hear things are going somewhat smoother for you and that little Luke is healthy and growing. Think of all those late nighters you both pulled in college and how much more important these hours you are that you are investing in caring for your little son. In the middle of the night when you are dead tired, you can show Luke "agape" love.

Anonymous said...

Wow Katie, that is a great weight gain, and 21 inches. He is a tall boy. You are doing a wonderful job of it! I am glad that the Dr was supportive of what you think and that he was kind. Thank You Lord for helping with this little one, so dear.

Clara Heisler said...

I just saw Luke's recent pics and indeed he has grown up healthy. Good thing that the family doctor has been very supportive and I know for sure that he's there every step of the way. How is Luke doing with the vaccination?

Another blessing is on the way, and I wish you all the best for your family.