Sunday, September 7, 2008

On a Brighter Note

After reading my posts lately, I think that there is a lot of negativity in them. Most of this is from the great feelings of inadequacy that I feel as a new mother and a bit of the postpartum blues. I thought that the helpless feelings that I experienced during labor would be all over once he was born, but I see now that that was an unrealistic expectation.

Here are a couple of positive notes. Just now I was feeding him in the side position so that we could catch a little cat nap together. I love nursing this way because I can see his precious little face and all of his beautiful blonde hair. He really is a sweet thing and I will treasure these moments. He is also obviously healthy and growing well. To hear that I have a healthy baby really makes me happy and realize that all the struggles are worthwhile.


chriself said...

I think in light of the fact that you've been in a continual process of (major) adjustment since giving birth you've been handling things rather gracefully. Far more gracefully than I know I could! From what little I do know it sounds like you're going through what is a very normal (believe it or not) first-time experience of being a Mommy, enjoying all of the blessings for what they are while growing through the understandable new trials. Be gentle with yourself as you are with Luke. All three of you remain in my prayers and I can't wait to see all of you in church again!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Katie, you don't sound negative to me at all! Becoming a mother is an overwhelming process, and one which you have to handle on little sleep and lots of shifting hormones. So give yourself a little grace (God certainly does, praise Him!) and know that people are praying for you as you go through this adjustment.