Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks Uncle Evan!

Our borther-in-law Evan is a great deal finder. He just found a deal on a really nice jogger stroller..... I am going to love being a mom.



Anonymous said...

I always look at the little blurb about how far along you are as of today. Just today I thought, that 11 weeks pregnant really means that this little person,chosen and created by God and living for now in you, is 11 weeks old now. His or her little life has begun. He has his own soul, created by God and is now held in God's hand and being knit together day by day. What a mysterious wonder-full miracle.

Uncle Evan said...

Since we got our jogging stroller we wonder why we even bothered with the clunky Graco. Moving up to a jogging stroller is like trading in a Tercel for a Lexus. The ride is sooo smooooth, and it corners like a dream. Now I have to make good on my promise to get more exercise.