Friday, January 18, 2008

Some fun with Politics

I have to admit that when election season hits, I become somewhat of a radio-news-junkie (we have no TV, so can't be a TV news junkie). I work too much to have a "real" problem, but I am drawn to the airwaves on my way home.

Anyways, as most everyone had heard, this is an interesting year. There are a lot of important issues floating about and neither the Democratic or Republican race has been decided. There are plenty of candidates to go around. Well, I came across this link:

in my effort to get to know the candidates. It is very fun. ABC news put together a series of questions about where you personally stand on the bigger issues and then matches you with a candidate that most fits what you believe. They actually give you your top three choices and see how each one matches up to your own stances. I was not surprised at all about my top candidate, but No. 2 and 3, I was. That will be helpful I think if my top choice does not get the nomination.

So, try it out. Who do you like based on the issues? (Disclaimer, I had to pick the option closest to my own stance in a few cases and wished for more robust options, but it is still pretty good.)


Bethany said...

Wow, that quiz proves to me the problems with democracy. (Not that I have any better ideas for government.) I consider myself a reasonably well-informed person with tolerable critical thinking skills. But after taking the quiz, it turns out that my top choices range from super-liberal to super-conservative. And none of them were candidates I have considered voting for!! All this brings me to the question: How are we supposed to vote in an informed fashion when the issues are so complex and we understand so little of statecraft? Sigh.

The quiz was fun, though. :)

Katie Jones said...

I think that the best way to vote is to be the most well informed. The problem for me comes when I don't know if you can trust the information that you are given, or all the politicizing clouds what is really going on. So I do make it a practice of listening to commentary from sources that I trust the most. I am trying to find a few people who research the issues and think about them much more than I have time to, and weight their opinions in.

Ma Torg said...

I was a bit surprised. My top candidate did come in as #2, but #1 is somebody who I've sworn not to vote for and #3 was someone who I'd never heard of and who has dropped out of the race!

But, I figured that'd be the case because how could they accurately weigh the issues in their importance to ME. I had fun too!

This election has been really confusing to me. IMHO there is no clear cut candidate and I really don't entirely agree with any of them. I've been flip flopping between two and have finally decided to just stick with one. I've also have been way too emotionally invested iin this. POstpartum hormones, maybe?