Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pray for Kenya

Right now I am working on a financial statement audit for World Vision International (WVI), the largest Christian relief agency in the world. Usually between work and everything else going on, and due to the fact that we don't have an antenna at home, I am out of the loop when it comes to world news. Here at WVI though, they are very globally minded. When I was thinking of asking for some piece of information from their Kenya office, it struck me that they might not be able to work right now. The political unrest has caused massive violence especially in Nairobi, where their office is. While I go in each day to WVI's US Headquarter's without fear of anything, many of the Kenyan employees risk their lives. Sometimes it is hard to understand what is going on in distant places when we are so used to comfort here.

People are losing their homes, and do not have insurance or FEMA (like we would in a crisis) to help them rebuild. Right now, I am especially thinking of the mothers with their children. If anyone desires to make a donation to help them, I know that OCMC is helping in the region as well as World Vision.

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