Monday, January 7, 2008

Help Needed from the Experienced!

I have a few questions for those who have dealt with this before:

1. Have you found anything helpful for morning sickness? I have tried crackers and soda, eating smaller meals more often, etc...

2. Any good pregnancy websites? I had a great website to look to when I was getting married, but I am lost here. I just need a place that I can search to know if certain things are ok or not ok ( like any kind of medicine), see how the baby is developing, tips on sucessful pregnancies, etc...

3. Has anyone had to tell work that they are quitting? How did it go? Any pointers?

4. The essential books to read?


Stephanie S said...

This may or may not be helpful. I haven't experienced morning sickness myself, but I am the oldest of 7, and my mom had it all day every day of her pregnancies.
The best thing she found to do was to sleep in. The earlier she got up, the worse it was. Also, she would eat soda crackers or something immediately upon waking up, before even getting out of bed.
(P.S. I'm a Torrey chum.)

Ma Torg said...

Well,I must confess I never found anyway to help my morning sickness. Soda crackers were useless with me. Basically, I just ate whatever I could eat when I could eat and dealt. Not fun.

Websites. and

Books: (you are talking to Miss All Natural) The Bradley Method, The Baby Book (Dr. Sears also has a pregnancy book that is supposed to be good) and Shonda Parker's A Naturally Healhty Pregnancy (or smthg like that).

Katie Jones said...

Kelly, Thanks for the book recommendations. I am actually looking at a midwife and a birthing center.

Ma Torg said...

really? check out my midwife and say i reccommended you. her name is lori. she does homebirths and has a birthing center (and can make recommendations.

kathy said...

I finally got around to catching up on your blog-Oh I love the sweet picture of you dear Katie. We are so excited. This little one is blessed to have you for a mama.

Anonymous said...

Oh, books, yes, I do like books. I really liked The Pregnancy Journal because it was a day-to-day guide on fetal development--so much fun to read! Kelly's recommendations are also good.

In terms of telling work . . . well, that's a little awkward. My work situation is different than yours in that there is no organized maternity leave (is that legal?), but I made an appointment with my boss when I was around 14 or 15 weeks and told her I was pregnant. I psyched myself out beforehand and prepared a little speech about how happy I was about this pregnancy and how much I was looking forward to the baby yet how I was still committed to getting my work done--I think you really need to send your boss the message that you're completely committed to being a mom, but you plan to fulfill work duties as well. When you say, "I'm pregnant" a boss inevitably thinks "Who's going to do the work," so try to be concrete and detailed about your plans regarding when to take maternity leave, etc.(Of course, don't say too much about work duties after the baby is born. Leave your options open!)

--Bethany G

P.S. Tell no one at work that you're pregnant until after you tell your boss.