Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And the Winner is.........

South Coast Midwifery!

After weighing the options, Nathan and I have decided that the best option for us is to go with a Midwife and have the baby at the South Coast Midwifery birthing center.

I have been to two visits with the OB/GYN. The doctor is pretty good from what I can tell and made me feel comfortable. This seemed like a good option....

Then we visited the Midwifery center. The center is beautiful. It looks like a well kept home and all of the birthing supplies are kept in armoires or closets. The staff was exceptionally helpful, cheerful, and knew a lot about the practice. Most of all though, I appreciated the philosophy of birth that Lorri Walker, the midwife shared with us. On top of everything, my insurance looks like the best possible kind for the Midwifery. Insurance companies usually do not cover midwives like they cover hospital births, so you have to use out-of-network benefits.

In other news, we also had an ultrasound today. There is ONE healthly little baby wiggling away inside of me. It was very fun to see it move around and to see the heart beat. Nathan took a video of it, so i will try to upload it soon.

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Ma Torg said...

looks like a beautiful space! I'm very happy for you and support your decision very much. You're going to be a great mom.