Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First Sonogram

Here is our sonogram from Tuesday. At almost 10 weeks, the heart is beating and the little arms and legs are wiggling all around. This really was a great day. And also great to know that there isn ONLY ONE baby in there. The nurse checked up, down and all around- no one was hiding. :)

The Whittier Crisis Pregnancy Center is raising money for an ultrasound machine. I can see why now. Before the ultrasound, being pregnant has been very exciting, but day to day just feels like an extended flu. But here we got to see a bit of the miracle that is going on inside. The statistics on women having abortions after seeing their baby on an ultrasound are much less than those who have not. It is harder to be detached about killing something after you have seen its heart beating and moving around inside of you


Bethany said...

Thanks for posting the video of my newest niece or nephew. Isn't it just amazing that your little baby is kicking around inside of you right now, even though (s)he's so tiny?!

And just think, Katie, in four weeks you will (hopefully) begin enjoying all the wonders of the second trimester!!

Anonymous said...

Wow these ultrasounds are getting better all the time!! I am amazed that this littlest one is already moving his or her legs and arms. What a miracle is happening day by day!!

Anonymous said...

I have looked at the sonogram about 20 times now and I still want to see it again! It seems only yesterday we were watching our babies on the screen-enjoy every minute of this wondrous time of life-when you are sharing the making of a brand new person with God Himself!! (I remember being so glad that reincarnation is not how He does things-no recycled people-this is a brand new little soul-freshly created in you, by God's own Hand....