Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, at 11 weeks, I am actually beginning to feel changes in my body. Though not visible to the rest of the world, my pants are getting tight. I went out and bought a bella band last weekend to try and keep using my regular clothes for a while longer.

My tastes have changed too. Ice cream and sweets (for the most part) sound disgusting to me. This is very odd because I used to crave sweets all of the time. Now what I want to eat is a bunch of cheesy, bready things (also big salads and lots of fruit). I want pizza and pretzels and bagels with cream cheese. Actually cream cheese is what I want most of all. I eat it with bagels, wheat toast, saltine crackers.

Work has been tough. We are on an 11 hour day schedule right now and I have been working on Church W-2's and 1099's and year-end statements. I kind of work, eat and sleep right now. It will get better though since I just finished the Church work tonight. Poor Nathan. He is getting neglected. it will be nice when I get to stay home.

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Ma Torg said...

bella bands are great! i still use mine. rather than buy special nursing tops, just wear one folded under a regular shirt and pull it up to cover the belly when nursing.