Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A huge praise!

This week has been great, especially considering what it could have been.

Most people know that I work A LOT, and this time of year is especially bad. I was very nervous this past weekend knowing that I would be moving onto a client that has had a bad history of problems, long nights at works and weekends. This does not jive with an almost 3 month pregnant woman. I prayed a lot about it though, asking God to 1. provide me the strength to endure, 2. provide my supervisors with a measure of compassion when I need it most, and 3. for a relatively uncomplicated audit.

1. So far, I have been feeling much better, feeling sick only after about 7:30pm. I know that this is partially due to where I am at in my pregnancy, leaving the first trimester, but I believe wholeheartedly that it is also due to Grace.

2. The job that I was dreading has not been super demanding. We are working 12 hours a day, but I spoke with my supervisor, who is allowing me to get in at 7am, eat my lunch at my desk, and leave at 7pm at night. (Someone also brings in dinner for the team, so I get fed premium stuff. :) Last night was a salmon salad from Panera and fresh french bread. Its fun to ask a pregnant lady what she wants to eat) These hours may sound bad, but I know that it could be infinitely worse. Also, my supervisor has given me a rather light load. He is a father and reminds me that "stress is not good for the baby." When he said that today, I wanted to cry. Someone cares in this world of high paced business and go, go, go.

3. Only time will tell on the audit. We have just begun.

Praise God who provides for needs both great and small.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!! I have been praying for you dear Katie. I am so grateful that your supervisor is understading. Yes I too think that Grace is at work for you. Yes God cares and He will give you what it takes-Please for more of this grace day by day