Monday, May 18, 2009


Earthquakes while pregnant are scary, earthquakes when baby is small and sleeping in another room, are worse.

Luke peacefully slept through the whole thing. Today I am going to go pick up some supplies just to be prepared.


Ma Torg said...

Oh! I know! After having Mary, one of my postpartum depression symtpoms was major anxiety that involved a crippling fear of earthquakes, no less. Like, every time I drove under a freeway overpass, I would tremble and I tried to avoid such routes as much as possible.

Hmm. I remember stocking up on LOTS of supplies then and Jesse thinking I was going mad (which I was)!

Hope said...

Yeah, I was literally terrified and felt shaky for an hour afterward. When it happened I thought, "Oh no, it's the Big One!" What's funny is that earlier that day, I had bought some canned food and first aid supplies for the beginning of my disaster preparedness supply!

Jessica said...

Definitely not fun when you are watching kids. I was up in our loft and ran down the stairs, and was standing in the hallway yelling to Foster that it was OK...except he was sound asleep and didn't notice a thing. Oh well.