Thursday, May 28, 2009


While we have been communicating with Luke even before he was born, he has been surprising us with a new communication method lately. I have been teaching Luke a little sign language (and learning it myself), and the gestures are sinking in. Tonight at dinner, when he wanted more food, he made the sign for "more." Well, it wasn't perfect, but good enough for us to get the picture. Previously, he had been grunting when he wanted more, and that drove me crazy.

He also signs for "milk," after his bath, as Nathan gets him into his pj's. Yep, he knows the routine. After bath and pj's comes milk! He make the milk sign with both hands and smiles wildly. :) So cute!

He is now also waving and saying "hi," and sometimes will wave bye-bye (no saying bye-bye yet). Today, we were leaving his bedroom, and he turned and waved bye-bye to it.

Ah, these are happy days.


Jessica said...

That's great that he's picking up the sign language. Foster starting using his "signs" when he was about 9 months old. It is quite amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh little Luke-we love you sooo much. I can hardly wait to see these signs of your's-the 2 handed milk sign sounds adorable:) mm