Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nine Months (Belated)

Nathan and I have both been super busy, so this post is coming a bit late.

Luke celebrated nine months in the world on Sunday. I can't believe it has been nine months already! He is growing up so fast. This month was an incredible time of growth for him, reaching several milestones. This month Luke:

*learned how to belly crawl
*learned how to wave and say "hi"
*got his upper front teeth
*began to stand holding onto a piece of furniture
*learned how to repeat something mommy or daddy said (see video below)
*began eating by himself
*made playing in the laundry basket a favorite pastime
*began to sleep without a swaddle around his arms

...the list goes on!

Now for some nine month cuteness:


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Luke's talking and his little tongue getting all ready:) Luke you are such a great joy to so many people, Happy 9 month birthday!! mm (bty, that basket sure looks like the one Nathan used to play in!!)

Bethany said...

Luke you are too cute! Clara used to love to imitate the same thing--at almost the same exact age! I can't wait to see Luke again. He has change so much in the last few months.

Katie Jones said...

I think it is the same basket. :)

Cari said...

You have been 'out' as long as you were 'in' little guy! Too cute!