Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Week in Numbers

On Wednesday, we had a follow up visit with the Midwifery. Luke weighed in at 13lbs. Pretty big for 6 and 1/2 weeks.

Wednesday afternoon, Luke and I traveled down to visit Grammy and Papa by train. It was very fun to see the California coastline and Luke slept the whole way. (Whew! Some people were looking at me with eyes that said, "Oh, no. We are riding with a baby. Hope he doesn't cry the whole time.") The midwifery and train ride was a lot for the little guy and so he slept 7 hours that night. We didn't sleep that much because we couldn't believe that he was still asleep.

Luke slept on his tummy for the first time this week. Until this point, in order to get him to sleep at naptime and during the night, he was swaddled, rocked and put into his swing or bouncy chair. This was quite a production. Once I realized that he just wanted to be on his tummy, naptimes have been much easier. A little bouncing and then put him down. Sometimes he was not even all the way asleep before he went down. (Note: Doctors don't recommend putting babies on their tummy, but Luke is very strong and we don't put any soft blankets around him or under him that might make it difficult for him to breathe. Also, we are testing this with naptimes only right now, so that I can check on him and hear him if he is in any distress.) He has had about 8 naps this way and is doing well.

Also, here are 5 cute pictures, just because.


Nancy said...


My kids sleep so much better on their tummies too-they just didn't stay asleep very long otherwise. Luke is sure a cutie and he's growing well. I know that my Gerrit who weighed over nine pounds at birth weighed 13 lbs. 3 oz. at two months so I bet Luke will exceed that!


Anonymous said...

Foster liked his tummy better too, and would flip over at night to get on his stomach. I freaked out for awhile, and then realized that he was fine (also with no blankets, soft stuff, etc.). At least he is sleeping soundly. He is sooooo cute!


mkr mouse said...

so cute! :)