Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Mama Treat

My back has been hurting a bit lately due to a not-so-good baby carrier and my ambitious walking habits. On Friday, Luke and I walked in the nature preserve, and then to Trader Joe's and back with our friend Laurel. That was six miles in total! Anyways, when Luke was taking a nap that afternoon, I was lamenting the state of my back and remembered that I had not used the massage gift certificate that I got from Nathan for my birthday.

Today I went and enjoyed a one-hour swedish message. It was lovely. They had tea and chocolates out for us in a waiting area too. The only problem was that when I came home, I fed Luke right away and for the rest of the night, he smelled powerfully of Eucalyptus. I scrubbed him a bit more than usual during his night time bath.

Also, Luke is becoming quite the afternoon-evening baby. Today he was awake from 1:30-8:30 with only two 30 minute naps in between. Hopefully he will sleep well again tonight!

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