Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Undertaking

I am undertaking a new project. I have tried to study for the CPA exam before unsuccessfully. Last summer (when I was actually not working crazy hours), I applied to sit for the exam and studied. There are four parts and I had made a plan to sit for each part throughout the course of last year. However, that was as far as I went in my CPA quest.

Before the final payment was due, I had to change plans because the audit I was working on, which was supposed to be pretty regular hours, suddenly became very intense. Taking into account that I did not get home for dinner more than one-two nights a week (Nathan would suffer), and my Church Treasury responsibilities (Church would suffer), and my own sanity (I would suffer), I decided to put a halt on the CPA exam. At this point, I had invested time and energy, but very little money. It was a hard decision, and I have been looked at as weak by other people in the firm, but it was the right choice to make. Nathan had not married me to be an absent, career obsessed wife, and I needed to make sure that I fulfilled my responsibility to Church.

That being said, I am now at a point where I am going to try again. I have three weeks of unassigned time in the office (meaning that I have no client and therefore can work on whatever education project I want) to study. I also will have 4+/- weeks before baby comes to study (if he comes on time), I will have six months of maternity leave, and we will see what comes after that.

I want to emphasize here that this does not mean that I plan to spend 8 hours a day studying, or that I will study if it takes away from quality of care for baby. This is just a plan, and real life can change plans. I gave up the CPA idea once, and I can do it again if that is what needs to happen for the good of our family. I will study when I get the time and/or energy. Here's hoping that he is a good sleeper.

Reasons for getting CPA:

1. The firm has paid for all my study materials ($2000 if I had to pay)

2. I have a friend who is going to try too, so I will have a study partner.

3. Makes me very marketable- I can get a lot more flexible jobs so that I can stay home with baby and only work 10 hours a week or so.

4. Good for Church- I think that we need someone with a CPA to ensure stablility for finances. It means something to our banks.

5. If I don't do it now, I probably won't ever. I still remember how to study and have a lot of information fresh in my mind.


Bethany said...

Go for it, Katie! Perhaps for the first 6 weeks after baby is born you'll be able to do little more than care for him, but after that, things begin to calm down and early motherhood is a great time to get some studying done. I have found that it is very relaxing to sit down with a warm cup of tea (or whatever) and study quietly while Clara naps.

Katie Jones said...

mmm... studying with tea with the beach breeze coming in through the windows sounds nice