Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earth-Shaking Day at Work

I thought that my last week of work would be uneventful.....

A little bit ago, a 5.8M earthquake hit our area. This is the first time that I ahve experienced an earthquake so close to the center, on the 7th floor of a skysraper, at 8+ months pregnant. Our building swayed back and forth for about a minute (though it felt longer). I kept thinking, how do I get down from here? There really was no safe way, so I jumped under my desk, held my belly and prayed something like "Lord have mercy" and asked for forgiveness of my sins.

So, it is over now. They are checking for structural damage to our building, and we go on working. Besides being shaken up and a skinned knee (from diving under my desk), baby and I are ok. :) He did kick around a lot, so I said to him, "Calm down little guy, and stay in there."

Praying that everyone else in our area is ok.

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Anonymous said...

Yep I felt it here in Escondido, was in the kitchen with a very unhappy Paul who has been battling a fever and new tooth. Glad to hear your ok. Bethany Jean