Monday, July 28, 2008

Family/Friend Shower

Saturday was the second shower for little Luke. It was held at my Aunt Kristi's beautiful home in Vista, and was organized by my mother-in-law, Aunt Susie, and Bethany Jean. They did such a nice job. Thank you for everything.

I got some beautiful handmade quilts from my Grandma and Nana, Bethany Lee, Aunt Susie and my Aunt Kristi. I also got the baby carrier/car seat that we registered for, bath supplies, cloth diapers, lots of cute clothes, and more. We are really beginning to feel ready for the little one. :)

Today I purchased the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper that pulls up tot he side of the bed so that he can sleep in the same room as us when he is very small. The only thing that I need to get now is a changing table. I have an idea of what I want in my mind and have not found it yet, or at least, not for a price I want to pay. :)

Here are some pictures:

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