Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big little boy?

Today was the 36 week midwife visit. We nailed down ideas and wishes for the actual birth, It is nice for someone to ask you what you envision for the birth. I know that we are spoiled. So, here are some of the decisions made

1. Nathan (daddy), Kathy (grandma), and Kelly (doula) will all be present at the birth hopefully.
2. Lighting will be low in the room and I wil labor in and out of the water, and will try to squat for part of the labor process (opens the birth canal by approx. 10-15% more).
3. Baby will receive vitamin K upon birth and the PKU blood draw. He will not receive eye treatment as it is mainly to prevent infection from STD's, which is not an issue.

Also, it turns out that little Luke does not have a big head, and is pretty normal in overall size, except that he is long. The midwife was surprised at how much he had to curl up (and I am not a shortwaisted person!). So that all sounds good to me. Bring on the 8-8.5lbs as long as the majority of it is not in his head.


Ma Torg said...

I am SO excited! (by the way, would you like me to bring a bottle of champagne to your birth?) Jesse and I worked it out so that we won't leave the S. Ca till September 9, exactly 2 weeks past your due date...so hopefully, I'll make it! Yay!

Katie Jones said...

Sounds good. I really hope that it all works out!
Champagne sounds lovely. Only partially related, I was thinking how when pilgrims visit Mount Athos, they ususally have to climb steep mountains to get to the monastery and when they reach the monastery, they receive a shot of Uzzo and a little sweet. A little sip of chanpagne sounds nice after the mountain I will climb.

Bethany said...

After having had a small baby with a big head, I have to say that I'm glad to hear that your little one will hopefully be a little more conveniently proportioned! I can't wait to hear about his birth--your ideas all sound wonderful and you are going to be a great mom, Katie!

Anonymous said...

So that's what all that kicking is about! He is just trying to stretch his legs a little:) I cannot wait to see little Luke. He is going to be so handsome.... mm