Monday, June 2, 2008

Registry Input?

I have done some registering at Target and Baby's R US, but I was wondering if any experienced mothers have any thoughts on products for baby that they can't live without. I guess I am looking for the non-standard items like crib, clothes, carseat, etc.. Although, if there are particular favorites or recommendations in these areas, please comment. So far, here is my short list of gear that I want to have (not all encompassing):

1. Baby wrap/ sling
2. Arms Reach Co-Sleeper
3. Cloth Diapering System (looking at bummi's covers and pre-fold diapers underneath)
4. Boppy
5. Rocking Chair
6. Breastfeding supplies
7. Jogger stroller



Jen said...

Sling/carrier indispensible. We love our Ergo baby carrier...although we did not have this when Claire was a newborn. We have three other slings which you can borrow and check out till our wee one arrives.

We used the co-sleeper for several months. it is useful both as a sleeping place and as assurance that your wee one won't fall out of bed.

Strolller features we consider helpful--adjustable handle height, large storage underneath and adequate/adjustable shade canopy, tray for toys, cup holder, lightweight, works with infant seat.

-More later if I think of anything else

Jen said...

I like the Kushies all in one cloth diapers. I got a pack half price at a resale shop. I also used prefolds with various covers--some handmade for a while.

Make sure the rocking chair/glider has padded arm rests.


Katie Jones said...

Thanks Jen for your thoughts. I will definitely consider them as we scope out the different baby products.

I have heard a lot about Kushies. I think I might get some of those and some of the bummi's and do a test to see what holds up. :)

Nancy said...

We found the vibrating bouncer infant recliner seat was very useful especially for fussy babies that need a lot of movement.

We also love the swing. We had an old crank one for the first two and upgraded to the automatic one with the last two and loved that one. Samantha spent a lot of time in that swing-it's the only thing that made her happy if I couldn't hold her.

We're praying for a safe delivery for you and the baby! I can't believe your mom is going to be a grandma!!

Nancy (Jorgensen) Dyk

Ma Torg said...

I got the bummis prepacked diaper box off Amazon and loved the set. Made starting out cloth diapering very easy. If you can afford them, Aristocrat wool diaper covers are awesome, awesome!

My indispensible item is my pottery barn ultimate diaper bag. I love that thing.

Oh, and for beginning nursing, I suggest one of those boob covers that allow you to peek at your kid. I forget what they are called.