Monday, June 16, 2008

30 weeks and the Domesticated Lady

Here are some pictures from 30 weeks. I really lke this outfit. It is actually a petite top from Ann Taylor and just a super comfy knit skirt. I don't know in whose world this top is petite. Also, this is a fun outfit because from the front, you can't really tell that I am pregnant and from the side... surprise! there's baby. :)

In the background you will see a dozen long-stem roses from Nathan for our anniversary. It is so nice to have fresh flowers. :)

Also, I have included a picture of a apple bran muffin that I made on Saturday. I was very domsetic on Saturday. I cleaned all over (even in my closet) and made homemade lasagna and two types of muffins. I think that one thing I will try to do when I stay at home with baby is put together a cookbook. I have not yet decided how to do this. There are soooo many cookbooks that I must first find a niche. Hmm... fun thought experiment. Anyways, we already have a good enough camera to show off the goods.

Also, I am currently blogging-while-squatting (practicing my Bradley excercises :) ).

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