Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 years

Boy does time fly!

"O God, our God, who didst come to Cana of Galilee, and didst bless there the marriage feast: Bless also these Thy servants, who through Thy good providence now are united in wedlock. Bless their goings out and their comings in. Fill their life with good things. Receive their crowns into Thy Kingdom, preserving them spotless, blameless, and without reproach, unto ages of ages."


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Katie, you have been such a wonderful addition to the Jones family. God grant you many years of happiness together. RJ

Anonymous said...

Katie and Nathan-Oh three years already-- (and I feel badly that we saw you on the weekend and did not celebrate!!) but yes Happy Anniversary! I love that blessing you have on the blog-it's beautiful. Yes God grant you many years:) kj