Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mommy Brain Strikes!

So, it has finally happened... I have developed the Mommy Brain condition.

Today I was at work and my manager kept asking me questions about the areas that I was working on. I couldn't answer because I couldn't clear my head enough to think on the spot. Also, when I went to get lunch for the team, I made it all they way out to my car and then realized that I couldn't drive without keys. As I slinked back into the audit room, I could feel the others watching me thinking, "poor girl, where has her head gone?"

Also, in the afternoon, I discovered that I had accidentally gotten red pen ink all over my white shirt. Lately I have been spilling food or brushing up against things and getting my shirts dirty. I guess I still have some getting used to with this new body.

Reflecting more on the Mommy Brain phenomenon has led me to believe the following: Mommy Brain does not mean that the Mommy can no longer think straight, it is just a condition where she has to think about many more things than she is used to thinking about at one time. For example, today, in addition to working I was thinking about:

1. How much calcium was in my breakfast?
2. Oh wow, that was a big movement.
3. Did I just feel an elbow?
4. I just had a snack, I had better go brush my teeth when I finish this workpaper.
5. 6 more weeks until maternity leave.
6. Ooh a little bit of heartburn.
7. Bathroom... again?
8. I wonder what he is going to look like- hope he has a cute round head like Clara. Actually that is pretty possible since Nathan is Bethany's twin.
9. Lord, please don't let him come too early.
10. I need to call Kathy later about the baby shower..I have a couple of ideas.
11. etc...

No wonder I can't think straight, there are so many things now going on in my head that were not there before. :)


Anonymous said...

What a blessed little boy LJ is-and he doesn't even know it yet. Yes mommy brain does set in, but now you are continually thinking of another person- I am still to find out when we moms don't do that anymore!! God has given us women the multi track minds to handle the streams of thought that we live with. (It is evident even in little children-just watch the boys in Sunday school. The girls can sing songs, do the motions, be aware of surroundings and keep track of what is going on in the room. If little boys are singing, that is usually all they are doing-or if they are doing the motions, that is usually all they are doing...males are just more single-tracked in their thinking) I think our tracks really come to life when we have kids- we women are always aware of what the kids are doing-where they are, what needs to be done next, etc. Little LJ is one blessed little boy to have YOU! You are a great mom already Katie :)

Bethany said...

Mommy brain only becomes more pronounced (I won't say worse). But it's pretty impresive that we can keep it all somewhat straight, isn't it? And I, too, hope he has a cute little head like Clara. Just yesterday, I looked at her and thought "Whoa, there's Uncle Nathan," so maybe your little boy will look like my little girl? I'd like that. :)

Ma Torg said...

That was a great post, Katie. Yes, I refer to my little brain as 'Fuzzy'. My favorite is the multitude of times I walk into a room with a very serious purpose only to forget what the purpose was. My coping method...sticky notes....EVERYWHERE.