Friday, June 20, 2008

Apartment Hunting we go!

This weekend we are looking for an apartment. Hopefully we will not be doing this next weekend also. :) We are pretty specific about certain things, so I hope that we will find the right place. We are looking for:

1. A place in Huntington Harbor (NW side of Huntington Beach with close coastal access and close to Nathan's work)
2. 2 bedrooms and at least 1 1/2 bath (I can negotiate on the bathrooms, but not the bedrooms)
3. Close to a nice walking area and not close to the freeway.
4. Adequate parking (please visit us- especially after baby comes!)
5. Within our budget
6. Close to a grocery store so that I can walk instead of spending money on gas.
7. Not a place that requires a one-year lease (this may be very difficult in our area)

That's not too picky, is it? :) If you think of it, pray for us to have wisdom and to compromise on things that we need to, and not compromise on things that we shouldn't. We'll I will post pictures if we find something.

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Bethany said...

We will pray for you! We are also looking for a place to live this week. Right now a realtor is finding things for us and this week we are going to make a trip to Houston. I want to find a really nice place to live so that we can lure you and Nathan to move to be near us! Interestingly, our criteria are very, very similar to yours. We aren't overly picky about the house itself but we are very specific about the neighborhood and needing to be able to walk places--for exercise and for errands. I love to walk!