Friday, May 30, 2008

Womb Language

I must say that our son communicates very well for not even being born yet. :) We found out about his ability to communicate the other day I held my water bottle up next to my side. The bottle was full of cold water and the little guy must not have liked it very much because a moment later, I felt a strong kick against the water bottle. I suppose that it could also have been a kick from curiousity. "What is that cold, wet thing?"

The past few weeks have been very fun. Nathan and I have been experimenting with talking to the baby and seeing what other kind of stimuli will cause him to react. The easist thing to do is for me to move onto my side. Once I turn to one side or the other, it frees up his space and then he wiggles around. can feel movement on two sides, presumably hands and feet. He also responds when Nathan talks and sings to him, or when I place my warm hand on the place where he is kicking. While we were on vacation last weekend, I had a piece of applie pie and ice cream (Julian is famous for apple pie so I had to try it), and he wiggled so much that it almost felt like a vibration. I guess I need to really watch the sugar intake!

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