Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Half a year

Yesterday was the 6 month visit. I can't believe that I have been pregnant for half of a year now.

The visit went well. It kind of felt like a half pregnancy/ half mental health visit. I have finally recovered from the food poisoning from last Saturday. I thought it was over on Monday afternoon, but then I was sick again Tuesday morning. It took a lot out of me, more than I had expected. My midwife assured me though that the baby was doing just fine even with my flu and showed me how to feel where he was positioned. Yesterday he was head down and ready to go. (Not yet Baby!)

I signed up for classes and took home materials to decide on which birthing class we will take. I think that we will go with Bradley, but they also recommended a class called Birthing from Within. It has some New-Age tendancies, but it also looks like it has some really helpful things. I think that I can customize the program a bit.

In other news, Nathan is great. He got some beautiful summer flowers for me and lots of gatorade while I was sick. He also spent Monday working from home so that he could keep an eye on me. :)

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