Monday, November 26, 2007

This is coming in the mail soon!

This year for the day after Thanksgiving sales, I did a bit of online shopping. I think that I could get used to it. 50-70% savings without standing in long lines, and free shipping!
One of the things that I found was a memory foam mattress topper from, and it should be here any day. It is two inches thickWe have been sleeping on a very old mattress for a while and have been thinking of buying a new one. I bought this on the recommendation of Bethany Jean, and if it works, I will let you know. It is a much cheaper option!


Bethany said...

Cool deal, Katie! We used to have a memory foam topper on our guest bed, and it was sooo comfy. Whenever Evan snored too loud, I had a good excuse to go and sleep on it. Let's try to find one for the guest bed at my parent's house! ;-)

Katie Jones said...

Yes definitely!! We should buy one for the guest room. I will look for a deal this year!