Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mmmm... Its definitely Fall

...well about as Fall as you get in southern California. But the air is getting brisk, and someone from work brought ripe persimmons in. My roommate from College, Bethany, made the best persimmon cookies. They were spicy and the perfect accompaniment to a cup of something warm. I think that I will try this recipe for persimmon cookies: Persimmion Cookies 1

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Kerry Byerly said...

I have a recipe for persimon cookies as well. They are a family favorite (mine has no raisins). My holidays are not complete unless I make them (and several over favorites). I made pumpkin stew (cooked in a pumpkin) for Halloween, and cranberry/orange nut bread yesterday. So I'm on my way to making my holiday favorites. Thanks for sharing.