Monday, November 12, 2007

Still at the Kid's table

Every year since Nathan and I have been married, I buy a Turkey and bake it. Last year I used this great recipe from my Williams-Sonoma Holiday Favorites cookbook. I cooked it for 8 hours at about 275 oF and it was perfect.

This year we are going to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving. After accepting her very gracious invitation, I asked her what I should bring. She said that I should bring the rolls. Rolls? Oh no, I thought. I am still sitting at the kid's table, not a "grown up" yet. :)

So, now my plan is to make the best rolls ever. I looked over the recipes from my favorite recipe site and came up with these.


Jen said...

welcom to blog-dom. I'm sure your rols will be delish

Bethany said...

Katie, everything you make is yummy! And if these rolls don't get you from the kids table to the grown-ups table, you could always have a kid yourself--that oughta convince 'em!