Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years' Resolutions

Here are mine:

1. Attend Tuesday morning liturgy on a regular basis (it begins with morning prayers at 7, so sometimes it is just not possible to make it with Luke).

2. Have a regular prayer routine in the evenings with Nathan and Luke.

3. Eat less sweets.

4. Eat something it if is offered to me. (Sometimes I try to find something that I want that meets my personal nutritional regimen, instead of taking what is offered- this is part of a greater control challenge that I have)

Anyone want to share? Thoughts on the larger idea of whether or not to have resolutions in thew first place?

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Elisabeth said...

Hi Katie,

Happy New Year!

I think resolutions are great, but they are things we have to be continually evaluating. Most people do this already.

Periodically, we usually ask ourselves, if this ________ routine/habit working? So, New Years resolutions are really something in fact we often do a lot throughout the year.

Your resolutions are nice and simple. Only the "sweets" one sounds a bit vague, though you might have more specifications in mind. When I was in Melbourne I started keeping track of how many times a week I was eating sweets, and then it is a good goal to just try to reduce it by one, until that new habit sets in. Hmmm...I think I will keep track of this again, myself.

Personally, I am scared of resolutions. Then I actually have to keep them :). So, mine is very daily try to love this new baby in my tummy more (which includes eating less sweets, and studying Greek more).

All the best, Elisabeth