Monday, January 12, 2009


Not us. Luke and I are still in Escondido, but Bethany is now home from the hospital. She is resting right now and trying to eat some. Hooray! She really looks good for having surgery only a few days ago. Clara was overjoyed to see Mommy again and squealed when she saw her. She loves her Mommy very, very much!

Today Kathy and I cleaned and fixed up a room for her and bought a mattress topper for the bed that is 3 inches thick. It is very comfy and was a great deal from Costco. We bought some flowers too to cheer up the room and create a bright, peaceful space.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and please continue to pray for a smooth recovery.

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Anonymous said...

Katie, you must be a wonderfully special person. Thank you for all of the love, care, help, and concern that you gave both Bethany, Clara, and Evan. The Lord bless you abundantly!!!

Evan's Aunt Carol